Special Information



The most important and most prestigious position at the association level is its presidentship.  The successful functioning of the association depend on its president’s integrity, dedication, sincerity, knowledge of IMA matters,, service mindedness, willingness to spare time for IMA work, and leadership qualities.

To qualify for Presidentship, the president should have served in the Board of the Branch and as chairman of one or more major committees.

The duties of the Branch President are

  • To preside meetings of the branch
  • Ex-officio member of all committees
  • To control and guide the affairs of the branch and shall interpret these rules and bye-laws and his decision in all maters  shall be final.
  • To see that each meeting is carefully planned opening and adjourning in time.  Presides at regular meetings of office bearers / committee meetings
  • To appoint sub committees chairmen and members who are qualified for works assigned
  • To make certain that each committee has definite objectives and each is functioning correctly
  • To hold regular meetings of the committees
  • To attend the State, conferences and  attend state council meetings
  • To attend president elect seminar  as incoming state president
  • To cooperate with the state president in various state and branch matters and handle correspondence promptly
  • To supervise the preparation of a state budget and proper accounting of branch finances including the annual audit
  • To see that written reports by various committees chairmen are presented to the state office.
  • To make use of the information and helpful suggestions available at the  state secretariat 
  • To make certain important information obtained from the State and National IMA monthly letter and other bulletins and literatures are passed on to the branch members.
  • To make certain that the branch is properly represented at the state conference and All India IMA conferences.
  • To conduct the Semi Annual checkup in all committee activities and objectives for balance of the year
  • To submit the comprehensive report  to the branch of the status of its finance and the extend to which it has achieved its objectives for the year
  • To confer with the incoming branch president  before going out of office
  • To arrange a joint meeting of the incoming and outgoing  office bearers for the double purpose of gathering the new administration to a good start and providing the continuity of the association
  • To appoint the president elect or vice president to over see and coordinate the work of the membership , membership development and IMA information committees
  • He shall have a casting vote in case of an equality of voting on any account.


Duties of the Secretary

  • The Branch secretary also holds a strategic  position in the successful running of the branch and an intimate relationship of the president and secretary is also of vital importance
  • He shall be responsible for the day to day administration of the branch under the guidance of the President and /or of the executive committee.
  • He shall issue notices of all the meetings and maintain records of all business transacted at meetings as
  • Well as the general body, Executive committee, and other committees.
  • The secretary keeps the branch records
  • Records attendance at meetings
  • He shall keep membership record and all the documents of the Branch
  • He shall carryout all the correspondences on behalf of the branch and comply with the essential requirements in relation to the state/territorial branch and/ or IMA head Quarters.
  • He shall act as the Returning officer of the branch elections.
  • He shall pass all expenditures and bills and operate Bank accounts along with the Hony.Treasurer.
  • Sends out notices of meetings of the branch and Committees
  • Records and preserve the minutes of the meetings
  • Effects HFC dues and other payments to state office with proper supporting records
  • Reports new members, terminations and other changes in membership to the general secretary
  • Reports membership and attendance data monthly to state office


The Treasurer

    1. The Treasurer is in charge of the funds of the branch
    2. He collects the dues etc . from members, keeps the funds in banks and disperses under the joint signature of the Hony.Secretary or the managing committee authorized person ( as per the rules of the branch)  And in the absence of the Hony.Secretary , the Hony.Joint Secretary and invest or disburse the funds as approved by the executive committee through the Hony.Secretary as per the budget allotments and help to raise the finances  for the branch including collection of subscription etc.
    3. He shall prepare monthly statement of accounts, get them audited as per the decision of the managing committee.
    4. Accounts all receipts and payments in the year end, hands over the books to the Auditors nominated by the general body for presentation of the audited accounts to the branch and to the incoming treasurer.

Tools for checking the Health of the Branch

  • Always respect for rules and regulations
  • Close team work between office bearers     and the members is a must
  • Due respect to seniors and encouragement to new comers.
  • Apparent effective leadership of the President
  • Good relationship of the President with the President elect, Vice president , Treasurer and the Secretary.
  • Monthly meeting regularly and proper conduction
  • Members paying their annual subscription in time
  • In time payment of branch dues to the state office
  • Branch’s contribution to State /National IMA
  • In time payment of state dues
  • Branch bulletin being taken out regularly and its proper distribution to members and other branches
  • Prompt dispatch of branch’s monthly report to the state.
  • In time reporting of monthly attendance to the state office
  • Prompt reporting of membership changes to the State /National office
  • Prompt reply to all State/National IMA and other correspondences.
  • Participation of the state branch in the State conference, Zonal seminars, and District seminars
  • In monthly meetings have fellowship time, and members occupy different seats each time during meetings for good interaction among members
  • Good informative meetings covering branch and  State/National news, guest speakers ,IMA projects information. Magazine information etc.
  • Birthday and Wedding anniversary being  conveyed to the members in each meeting
  • Majority of the members consider the venue, timing and the cost of the refreshment suitable as per the standard.
  • All the meetings records should be preserved.
  • Formation of various recommended committees
  • Various branch committees holding their meetings and the members being informed as to what they are doing
  • Annual branch election being held in time as per the bye-laws
  • Outgoing team presents audited accounts within two or three months of handing over the charge.
  • Branch admits more members than it loses every year.
  • Good community service projects being taken by the branch
  • Dignified publicity of branch activities in the press

For Effective functioning of the Branch
The Branch should handle

  • Public relations
  • Quackery eradication
  • CME Programmes
  • Community service activities
  • Membership development
  • Family meet

Branch should undertake

  • Village adoption
  • School adoption
  • Free medical camps for Police personnel, Common people and Diabetic camps
  • Free immunization centre
  • Clean Green Environment.  motivation, education to the needy students

Help Line

  • To tackle Medico legal problems
  • Discuss and share your  daily problems in practice freely
  • Have full relationship with local MLAs, local VIPs , Government official and Police officers , and Press
  • Invite more Medical VIPs for the meetings once in 3 months and to inaugurate the medical camps.