Special Information
  1. A. I..Warning to the Prescribers of Modern Medicine :
                 As per the Supreme court Ruling, Doctors of Modern Medicine registered under the Indian Medical  Council Act  are permitted to prescribe only Drugs  of Modern Scientific Medicine.
                 Prescription or administration of Non drugs of Modern Scientific Medicine (such as Aurvedhic, Unani, Siddha or Homeopathy ) shall render such doctors liable to prosecution under both Civil and Criminal laws resulting in Cancellation of Registration and/or heavy fine  and/or imprisonment.  Doctors of Modern Scientific Medicine prescribing non allopathic drugs are liable to be considered as quacks per se without any evidence or argument. 
    B. II. Drug Prices Wide Apart: There are vide variations in retail prices of  different brands of the same Medicine: 
    e.g.: Glimipride 1mg :  Euglim (Zydus)  10 tabs  Rs.10/-   Amaryl (Aventis)  10 tabs  Rs.65
            Ofloxocin 200 mg ZO(FDC)  10 tablets Rs.32/-          Tarivid (Aventis)  10 tabs  Rs. 310/-                         
     C. III. Letrozole: Misuse .Tetrogenicity warning. Is contraindicated in pre menopausal women
    IV: Betablockers can precipitate Diabetes .as per recent study.
    V. Nimesulide banned in Singapore, Nigeria and Europe,Japan and other 168 countries. . Its use is not permitted in America. 
    VI.Rosuvastatin : Risky in Indians.- kidney damage. An other organ failure.
    VII..Aspirin : increases stroke risk.
    VIII. Tegaserod : Baaned Abroad .Available at Home.
    IX. Phenypropalamine –Stroke risk .
    X.Avoid Piroxicom due serious side effects.
    XI . Chondroitin : No benefit in Osteo Arthritis pain.
    XII. Glucosamine : No relief in Osteoarthritis. Increases Lipids.
    XIII. Metclopropamide- Not for under 18s and  Pregnancy
    XIV. Pioglitazone : Risk of Congestive failure.
    XVI.Rosiglitazone: Increased risk of Heart Attacks 
    XVII . Jaw Osteonecrosis:due to Alendronate
    XVIII. Compination Vaccine for Kid Witherawn
    XIX. Desmopressin: Toorisky for bed wetting.
    XX. Statins: Additional Adverse effects.
    XXI. Modafinil_ Serious Skin and Psychiatric Adverse Drug Reactions
    XXII. Placenta Extract banned due to Health Hazards.
    XXIII.: Carisoprodol Discarded due to side effects.
    XXIV. Erythromycin’s Bad companions are;Amitriptyline,Chloroquin. Chlorpromozine ,Cisapride, Doxepin.
                Haloperidol, Imipramine, Pimozide, Qunidine,Quninie, Sotalol,Sparfloxacin, Spiramycin, thioridazine   
    XXV.Deanxit: Unethical Approval
    XXVI.Thioridazine is discarded globally but sold in India:

    C.Banned Drugs:
         Drugs globally banned or withdrawn or severely restricted or not approved by the governments, due to serios side effects as per World Health organization.
         But these drugs are not banned in India, and hend allowed to be marketed. 
        Analgin, Cisapride,Droperidol, Furazolidone, Human Placental Extract, Lynesteronal,Nemuselide, Nitrofurazonw, Phenolpthalein, phenylbutazone, Phenylpropanalamine, Piperazine,Quinidochlor, Tegaserod, Thioridazine

    Substandard Drugs :
    On testing by the drug regulatory authorities, the following batches of drugs have been found to be substandard:
    E,g.;  Brand ( Company )             Batch no:
              Gramoneg (Ranbaxy)         L00807
               Cobadex(GSK)                  50040  etc :
    Price Violations: e,g:

    Brand                                                Price fixed                   Charged
                                                                  Rs.P                             Rs.P
    Cipron -500mg      10 tablets                65.26                          98.60
    Ciplox                    10 tablets                65.26                          86.66
    Deryphylline          10 tablets                  7.06                          30.10
    Unicontin E            10 tablets                  6.40                          61.10

               Some manufacturers without any valid scientific reasons change the ingredients of their brands merely to escape price control.
    e.g. Cetrizet D, Normet, , Brakke Suspension : etc:

    Irrational Combinations :
                    Partieal list of dubious fixed dose combinations, being marketed in India, but not approved in any other developed country. Many of these combinations, are not approved by the Drgs controller General of India and Hence illegal.

    e.g.: Ofloxacin + Metronidazole
            Analgin+ Paracetamol +Diazepam.
            Amlodipine + Enlarpil
           Mebendazole + Levamisole  etc, etc, etc.

                                                     ---Source: MIMS –December 2008.