Petrol Pump Cheating

Here are a few more.

1) A faulty meter

Some petrol pumps have rigged meters that start ticking even before petrol starts to flow from the hose. A motorist encountered such a meter at a station near Hosur in Tamil Nadu and created a scene at the pump. The manager gave him Rs 500 off.

2) A fuel hose longer than is required

Pumps save on a lot of petrol when they use long pipes. A perfectly good meter will show that a certain amount of petrol has been pumped out, but that amount hasn't reached your tank -- some of it is still in the pipe, and it goes back into the pump. Through the day, the number of litres that stations save can be enormous.

3) Sticking fingers firmly in the nozzle of the hose

This reduces the flow speed of the fuel and can save up to a litre at a time for the station.

4) Adulteration with naphtha

Naphtha is a byproduct of the petroleum distillation process. It is as dense as petrol and leaves no residue. Attendants mix some of it in the petrol, and you are none the wiser as you fill 'er up with less petrol than you bought.

5) 'Double-checking' the required amount

The attendant asks you how much petrol you want. You say you want petrol worth Rs 1,000. He stops at Rs 200 while configuring the meter, and reconfirms, and 'updates' the value by Rs 800. You might think that you are receiving petrol for Rs 1,000 -- but you are only getting petrol for Rs 800, as he has not actually reset the meter.

10 Ways To Save Yourself From Being Cheated At Petrol Pumps

Getting cheated at petrol pumps is nothing new and has been happening since ages. And this isn't a developing country syndrome, but very much existent at the fuel stations across the world wherever the process is manual. 

There are a few ways how you are cheated at the petrol pumps.

Often, you just drive to a fuel station and ask for petrol worth Rs 500 or some other round off amount. This is the cue. The staff might have already manipulated the machine and you get cheated.

So is every petrol pump fraudulent in nature? The answer is NO. But there are many who indulge in cheat people. So how do you avoid this?

Here are 10 ways to avoid falling into the trap:

1. Fill petrol from different petrol pumps initially. So you can make an average and understand which stations gave less fuel. This can be understood by your car's fuel performance.

2. Now that you know how much distance your car travels at a specified amount of money, you can now fix a station. But remember, being loyal doesn't mean people stop their malpractices.

3. Never ask for a petrol worth of any round figure. Ask for something like Rs. 555 or Rs 778. The systems cannot be manipulated according to these figures.

4. Make sure the system is reset.

5. Get down from the car and talk to staff making an eye contact.

6. Don't let other staff members bother you asking about payment method or other irrelevant queries. This is quite common. When one staff is filling fuel, another comes to distract you.

7. Ask the staff to leave the nozzle once the fuel filling process has begun.

8. Once the filling is complete, don't let the staff remove the nozzle immediately as there is a residue left for which you have paid. Waiting for sometime lets the last drop get into the car tank.

9. it’s better to pay through card as you can pay the exact amount. If you fill the tank to full, often the amount comes to something like Rs 1702.83. Now the staff asks if he should make it Rs 1710. Never get into this trap. Once the system gets stopped, there's no way the machine can be started without resetting. So in a way you lose money.

10. Make sure you car is placed at a distance from the system. The pipe should be stretched to the maximum. This ensures, there is no residue left after fuel filling is complete

From : Dr.M.Suryanarayanan 
(News from ONE India)