Special Information

Endowment Lectures:

The following Endowment Lectures also are held annually:
Endowment Lectures are arranged only in the name of member of Coimbatore Branch of IMA of good standing. The yield from the amount donated should be sufficient  enough to meet the expenditure as mentioned in the Rules & Bye Laws no: 46.
1.   Dr.P.N.Ramaswamy Memorial Lecture conducted from1951, in the month of November
2.   DR.P.K.Kalyanaraman’s 61st birthday Commemoration Lecture .from1971,in the month of April
3.   Dr S.Sengaliappan.s Memorial oration from 1978 in the month of July.
4.   DR.T.V.Sivanandam’s 70th birthday Commemoration Lecture from 1980 in the month of June  and gold medals
      to the best out going final year students of Coimbatore Medical College  of that year .
5.   Dr.D.Sundareswaran Memorial Lecture from 2006 in the month of March
6.   Dr.G.Bhakthavatsalam Endowment from    in the month of January
7.   Dr.C.N.Santhanam Memorial Lecture from                         during the month of May
8.   Dr.S.V.Subramaniam Memorial Lecture from              in the month of August
9    Dr.Mrs.K.N.Padmavathi Memorial Lecture from          in the month of
10. Dr.S.G.Rajarathinam Memorial Lecture from            in the month of  September
11. Shri.M.B.Rao, and Shrimathi                  Rao  Endowment Lecture from  in the month of October
       In Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, , Gynecology  and Social Medicine,  the association annually,  awards gold medals to the best out going students of the Coimbatore medical College out of the endowments donated by the members or their families.
       Lectures by distinguished medical men from local, the State, India and all over the world have been arranged by our Association.  In addition to these lectures, the association also conducts scientific meetings, seminars and conferences.   Continuing medical education programs in addition to lectures for the members of IMA college of General Practitioners also being conducted from 1981
      Several Distinguished persons like President of Indian Medical Council, Director of Indian Medical Research and medical men of Natural standing are invited to deliver the Lectures/Orations every year. 
     Other wings of the IMA are: IMA College of General Practitioners
                                                    IMA Academy of Medical Specialties
                                                    IMA Service doctors’ wing
      The following standing committees look after the works entrusted and helps the smooth running of the Association”
Finance Committee
Constitution Revision committee
Office Supervision committee
Building Maintenance committee
Ethics committee
Public Accounts committee
Disaster management committee
     Our members also are taking part in multifarious activities in other fields also. Late Dr. Y.P. Vasudevan was the president of the Madras Provincial Branch of IMA. Dr.C.Nanjappa served as Chairman of Coimbatore Municipality, as a member of parliament, and was in active political life. DR.T.V.Sivanandam was a member of Madras Legislative Council from 1957 to 1968., President of Tamilnadu State Branch of IMA and as member of Medical Council since 1959. Dr. C Arumugam and Dr. Dr. M.P. Jesudasan  were Honoray Serataries  and , Dr.S.G.Rajarathinam. Dr G.T.Gopalakrishna Naidu, Dr.T.K.Ganesan all were presidents of Tamilnadu State Branch of IMA.  Our members are also taking part in various service activities conducted by multi various organizations either independently or through the association.
    Celebrations: Silver Jubilee      in 1949 during Dr C Nanjappa      as the President
                            Golden Jubilee   in 1974 during Dr. S. Kandasamy as the President.
                            Diamond Jubilee in 1984 but celebrated on 8th March. 1986, Dr.G.Bhakthavatsalam as President
           The Coimbatore Branch has a tremendous past of praiseworthy and a glorious future of trust worthy for which it should march on steady steps with its long eventful carrier and with tremendous potential strength.   Every well wisher must come forward to make its onward journey smooth   and successful. Let us respectfully remember on this occasion those pioneers who found and conducted this association and all those many good men who took active interest  in the growth  of the “COIMBATORE BRANCH OF THE  INDIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION”  and benefited the association by their hard work and service.

Our branch will continue to serve the community at large, the members in general, and for the cause of the profession in particular, in the years to come.

                                                   “UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL“

 “We are in a noble profession
    Doctors are held in high esteem in Society
    We must uphold the highest standard of ethics!!!

I.Orations :
IMA Tamilnadu State branch orations :

1. USV Orations
2, Torrent Orations
3. DR.Padmanur Ramarao Oration
4. Dr.Arulraj oration
5. Dr. GnansundariBose Oration
6. Dr,S,A.Rajarathnam Orations
7. Dr.Thirugnanam oration
8. Dr.Ibrahim Bhyleen oration
9. Dr.Navamani Chandrabose Oration,
10. DR Chetpet Balakrishnan Bhaskaran Oration
11. Dr .Jayaseelan Mathias oration
12. Dr.Suryaghandhi Memorial Oration
13. DR.Hajee Janab B.A.Shukkoor Oration

II. Free papers:
Dr.B.Ramasubramaniam award for free paper

IMA members who are interested to deliver the oration are requested to send their materials to the IMA State office on the particular topic on or before the particular day as announced at the time of intimation of the STATE MEDICAL CONFERENCE. 2 copies of materials should be I print out or C. D usual the duration of th oration is about 25 minutes. The Orator mus be an IMA Member and no traveling allowances will be given. Local hospitality will be by the conference organizers.
For Dr.Jayseelan Mathiyas oration for PG students in surgery the material should be forwarded by the Head of the department of Surgery
The Branches also can nominate the members for orations. Before the particular date before the State Annual Medical Conference the nominations for Oration paper should be sent to Hony .State Secretary IMA TNSB


A. Branch Awards
B. Individual Awards: 13
C. Special Awards: 13
D. Enrolment Awards 13
For the above awards the individuals and branches must send the documents to the State office on or before the particular as published.

Awards, Orations and Trophies of National IMA :
1. Medical student’s essay contest of IMA
2. Dr.C.S.Thakar oration award of IMA
3. IMA Medical education and Research awards.
4. IMA Medical education and Research awards for young graduates
5. IMA Dhirendranath Datta award in cardiology
6. IMA D S Munagekar award
7. IMA Dr.C.T.Thakur award
8. IMA Dr. R.K.Menda Award (IMACGP)
9. Dr.C.L.Shahani Award
10. Dr.C.L.Jhaveri Family Planning Award
11. Dr.c.L.Jhaveri Family Welfare Planning Award (for state/territorial branches )
12. IMA Membership Drive award (to be given to the individual member)
13. IMA Community Service award ( to be given to a local branch )
14. Child survival week award

Merit certificates are also given to the Local Branches

1. Gujarat State Rotating Trophy for Best Overall Performance by the Local branch
2. Local branch Trophy for the best overall performances
3. Dr.A.K.Bose Trophy for membership drive
To be added after getting information from the State and National IMA

The following awards are to be nominated from the branch with a proof of activities / letter of
acceptance from the individual whose name is proposed from the branch.
1. Dr. Bhandary Award for a person who has completed 25 years of Medical Practice in Rural Areas.
2. Dr. P.K. Kesavan Rolling Shield for Tamil Work in Medicine.
3. Dr. T. Kumaraguru Award for Community Services by an individual member.
4. Dr. A. Muruganathan Award for Community Activities by an individual from small branch including
upto 100 members.
5. Dr. (Mrs.) Bhanumathi Muruganathan Award for Tamil Excellence in Medical Publication /
Articles / Oration etc.
6. Dr. S. Damodaran Award for Medical Oriented Service by an individual.
7. Dr. G. Viswanathan Award for Seniors in Service.
8. Dr. A. Rajasekaran Eye Donation Award.
Last date of nomination November  in every year hereafter ( Communications to the Local branches )

Kindly nominate deserving members from your Branch for the following oration with
the topic of the choice of the speaker to be delivered  In the conference  The decision of the awards committee will be final.