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Of IMA is open to all the practitioners qualified in modern scientific medicine and registered under Medical Council of India Act. An application for membership of the Association is made to the Honorary General Secretary through one of the local branches and the local branch, after satisfying itself, forwards the application, to the State Branch for onward submission to the Headquarters office which finally accepts it as per the rules. The association has members attached to the Headquarters. Besides there is category of overseas members open to those of Indian colleagues who have either temporarily gone abroad, or permanently settled here. These members are kept in touch with a affairs at home , through IMA News and JIMA – the official publication of IMA,

Every branch holds regular scientific and medical meetings frequently and elects its office bearers once a year. Every State Branch has got a state council on which the local branches under its jurisdiction have representation. These State Councils and its working committees meet as often as necessary to transact business concerning the various problems facing them. All State Branches organize their State Conference every year during which, besides discussing organizational matters, they hold scientific sessions for the benefit of their members from different areas.

All local branches have representations on the central council of the IMA, which necessarily must meet at least twice a year to take stock of the working during the year, lay down policies for the ensuing year, adopt the accounts, pass the budget for the next year and elect the office bearers of the Association at Head Quarters and its Journal Office and other publications at the Annual Meeting of the Central Council. The election of the high offices of the President and three vice presidents is held by ballot through the local branches. This election is complete by the end of September. The elected team takes charge of the office on the conclusion of the Annual meeting of the Central Council and are installed in office ceremonially at the inauguration of the Annual conference of the Association which was held at the 28th December every year, the birthday of the Association. It has been the privilege of the Local branches to invite the Conference a year in advance and all such invitations are considered by the Central Council and a decision taken.

The Association’s day to day working at the Head Quarters office is carried out as per the policies and the directive of the Central council under the supervision and guidance of the Working Committee which meets three times a year. The working Committee has representatives from all States and it deliberates over the current issues. Particular problems are studied by the expert committees on the subject prior to consideration of the working committee. There are 15 such committees. The continuity of these standing committees is maintained by electing one-third members every year. The retiring members are, however, eligible for re-election. Definite terms of reference are laid down for those committees.

The Association has a building of its own in New Delhi to House its Head Quarters and maintains a small Guest House for stay of members, who visit Delhi, from time to time for Association’s work or for their private business. It has become very popular and in great demand.

Some of our local branches and some State Branches in various parts of our country too have their own building and there is a growing feeling everywhere to have a house for the IMA because it helps in organizing the activities better. The IMA has a building at Calcutta which houses the Journal office.

Why we want New Members ?                                        

  • are vital to every branch of IMA
  • bring fresh ideas
  • provide much needed additional talent
  • provide future leadership
  • add to the solidarity of the profession
  • increase the potentiality of the association to plan better service both for the profession and the public
  • are our valuable assets
  • need the help and assistance of the association
  • need guidance and look to their National association for the same

           ***Members  should pay their subscriptions, arrears etc, if any,  before the due date, promptly . General meetings should have sponsorships.  Economy should be observed in all the activities of the association where the money is spent.  New members should be  enrolled  to the maximum possible .  “Each one reach one/ catch one.”

          >>The blood bank trust has got valid 80 G facilities. The, philanthropists , public, service organizations and the members  of the medical profession can help the blood bank with their contributions liberally for its expansion and to add the modern costly equipments.  The donors who donate  Rs. 25000/- and above will be suitably honored by their names displayed  in the blood bank building  along with their portraits.    

Privileges of Membership

1. Members of the Association can participate in various programmes organized by the Association and its Branches to which they belong.

2. Members have the right to attend and take part in discussion in all general, clinical meetings, lectures, demonstrations, refresher coursed etc. organized for continuing medical education by the Association.

3. Members have the right to attend medical conferences organised by the Association or any of its branches on such terms as laid down in the bye-laws.

4. Member can move the Central Council and the Working Committee of the Association to take necessary action in matters affecting the medical profession and for the health of the people.

5. Members can join study tours organised within the country or aboard for professional interaction.

6. A Scientific publication monthly Journal of the Indian Medical Association is supplied free to its members. The Journal is of high academic order and enjoys international reputation and recognition.

7. A monthly publication “IMA NEWS” is published from the Headquarters to give its members information about the activities of the Association and other news from the medial world and the same is available to the members at a nominal yearly subscription.

8. Members are stimulated to do research in various aspects of the field of medicine through its academic wings.

9. Member are eligible to compete for various awards instituted by IMA to stimulate original thinking amongst its members particularly young doctors and students.

10. The members of IMA with their families are entitled to stay at IMA Guest House when in Delhi on payment of nominal subsidized charges. This privilege is also available in cities where various Branches are hav9ing accommodation in buildings of their own.

11. Social Security Schemes for the welfare of members are being floated at State lever with the objective of providing assistance to family of members in the event of their death.

12. Post-graduate members of IMA (Ob & Gynaec.) can avail of the special laparoscopic training program & become eligible for purchase of laparoscopes at heavily subsidized rates

13. Members are eligible to procure vaccines for immunization of their patients. They can also avail of contraceptive pills and IUCDS etc. through the good offices of the IMA.

14. IMA Benevolent Fund established to help dependants. Members are even entitled to also secure loans from Benevolent Fund to meet some unpredictable exigencies.

15. IMA members through special arrangements with General Insurance Companies get special insurance covers to protect members against possible medico-legal eventuality during discharge of the their normal professional work.

                                                   “UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL“

 “We are in a noble profession
    Doctors are held in high esteem in Society
    We must uphold the highest standard of Ethics”

To make an Association Live and Active:  Members should:-

  • Attend meetings regularly
  • Come in time.  Be punctual.
  • While attend meeting do not find fault with the office bearers or other members
  • When you are called upon to shoulder any responsibility in the association accepts it pleasantly
  • When you are appointed in some committee, attend the meetings regularly; When you are not appointed do not get  sore.
  • In meetings express your opinions and explain how it should be done.  If you are objecting any matter/ opinions give the reasons for your contradiction, if you are convinced you accept it gracefully.
  • Willingly and unselfishly use your ability to  help the association matters so that it is run properly
  • Pay the dues, subscriptions etc. to the association in time.
  • When anything goes wrong /anybody has done wrong point out boldly with reasons and convince them to rectify their
      wrongs. Or set them right.
  • Reply all communications from the associations at the earliest.

Any Association cannot survive without the co-operation and the support of its members. Hence we solicit your cooperation by:

  • Enrolling as many members as possible
  • Encouraging the members  , the public, the other associations, the clubs, and the like, to use the auditorium for their activities, meetings functions etc.

Membership benefits for doctors
Becoming a IMA member entitles you to a wide range of benefits to support you in your career. Read on to find out more about the IMA and the services you can access.
How the IMA represents you
As an independent Association, the IMA is the voice for doctors and medical students in India..
How the IMA keeps you informed
There is a range of services available to provide you with up-to-date medical developments and Association news.

How the IMA educates on ethical issues
Guidance is available on a variety of issues in medical ethics and law, produced in a format that is accessible, avoids legal jargon and is of maximum practical use for busy practitioners.
Members can review the full list of benefits by clicking on IMA Benefits.
If you are not already a member, join now to take advantage of these benefits.

In times of distress or difficulty doctors should call the IMA Counseling and Doctors for Doctors service on -0422 -2471824 or ( Patient and public information)

Answers to common queries from the public and patients, including information and advice about the common problems and the medical profession.
IMA Mission Statement
To serve and unite the Doctors of India and be the national advocate, in partnership with the people of India, for the highest standards of health and health care.
IMA Vision Statement
A healthy population and a vibrant medical profession.
IMA Values
• Excellence
• Professionalism
• Integrity
• Compassion
Strategic Plan
The 2013-2018 strategic plan, entitled 5-Point Plan for the Next 5 Years, frames our efforts here at the IMA to create a healthy population and a vibrant profession. This 5-point plan serves as the foundation for everything the association hopes to accomplish in the next half-decade for physicians and their patients. It is outcome-oriented, cuts across every directorate at the IMA and puts our members front and centre. The strategic plan is realized through annual workplans which set out specific tactics to be used in achieving each key outcome in a given year.