Western Lobby

The space between Meditex Hall and Auditorium is enclosed and roofed to form a hall  in November 2013,  Contributed by Dr J. K.Periaswamy  and named as “ Western Lobby”,




The earlier built   portions of the buildings getting worn  out and dilapidated,  a suitable auditorium-  to meet the growing needs of the members and activities of the association demanded first attention. Members also felt  long ago that they should do some suitable  and specialised service to the public through the association instead of crowding in hospital temporarily.  With this also in view the 2nd plot was acquired. Giving effect to this and also as the public expect this much of service in return. Keeping all this in view the present Auditorium was built in 1995 -1996 with a capacity for 350 people.

Foundation stone was laid by His Excellency Dr.Khurana,Governer of Tamilnadu, on 8th March,1986, Presided by Dr.H.V.Hande, Honorable  Minister for family Welfare and Health, during the period of Dr.G.Bhakthavatsalam, President   and Dr.M.G.Pai   Hony.Secretary   

Inauguration on 08./2/96 by Worshipful Mayor  Thiru V.Gopalakrishnan  , in the presence of Padmabhushan, Dr.Arutselvar N Mahalingam .  Built by the Building Committee: Chairman cum Convener Dr.M.Suryanarayanan, Secretary cum Treasurer: Dr.K.Shanmugasundaram, Members: Dr.T.K.Ganesan, Dr.S.G.Rajarathnam Dr.J.G.Shanmuganathan, Dr.V.Janardhanan, , Dr.A.S.Rangarajan, Dr. K Segottayyan, (President –Ex-officio)  and Dr.K.Raghu – ( Honorary Secretary –Ex-officio). Architects and Engineers : Dr.R.J.Gopalakrihsnan and Mr. G. Ashok  Building contractors : R.Dhamu & co 

Tariff for the IMA Auditorium

Timings – 9.00 A.M. 9.00 P.M – Given for Full day only.
Rent to Rs.30,000/-  + Amenities charges

Caution Deposit Rs.45000/- (Demand draft only) E.B., Audio system, LCD Projector, Generator, Service Tax etc.,

Cooking Not allowed inside the campus.

Terms and conditions for the use of the Auditorium: Should be read and signed before booking the Auditorium : Available at our  office

Shopping Complex

However it was soon realised that the building was grossly inadequate, for the need of the members.  The scientific deliberations of the association needed greater facilities.  It was also a fact that there were few places available in the city for conducting Technical and Scientific deliberations. Members felt the need for a modern auditorium and office.

In the meanwhile the industrial expansion exploded to make Coimbatore the 2nd largest city  in Tamilnadu , next to Chennai and by the continued expansion of the city all around , formed the premises of the Association , ideally situated , accessible but not crowded. Ours is a place away from the buzz of machines and right on a main artery of communication.   Hence the idea exploded that the land could be exploited beneficially amongst the members and a committee was formed to explore the ways and means to build the auditorium.  In order to maintain the auditorium one need a regular cash flow.  So it was planned to have a shopping complex.    

Foundation stone laid  both for shopping Complex and the auditorium over it,    on 12/ 09/1982 by Thiru Cavlier G.K.Devarajulu  during the period of Dr.M.Suryanrayanan as President  and Dr.M.V.Audithyan as Hon.Secretary. A building committee was formed to complete the project 

Dr.K Ramankutty – Chairman cum convener, Dr.K Shanmugasundaram –Secretary cum Treasurer and  Dr. M.Suryanarayanan, (President –Ex offcicio),Dr.S.G. Rajarathnam, Dr.K.R.Venkatesalu, Dr.T.K.Ganesan  Dr.S.SriHari  and Dr, M.V.Audithyan  (Honorary Secretary- Ex-officio)as members of the building committee.

The work started on 17.04.83 and completed on 12.09.1983 Area of shopping Complex 5730 sq.ft (Ground floor) built, with 13 shops each measuring 10’x30’, and provision for Auditorium 66’x30’ Pre function hall 33’x30’ and Free hall 33’x30’)in the first floor given. The Shopping complex was opened by Padmabushan, Thiru Dr.N.Mahalingam on 17.09.1983 – President Dr.M.Suryanarayanan.   Architect and Engineers –Mr.T.S.Ramanishankar and Mr.Rajaram of M/S Shankar Raja ram Associates.

Purpose of the shopping Complex: It was resolved that the  income of the shopping complex should be utilized as follows:- 1).1/3  to the maintenance of the association   2)1/3 for the conduction of seminars, refresher courses, etc., to update the knowledge of the members by various other reorientation programmes and 3) 1/3  to serve the public by various means as free dispensary, social programmes, medical camps, awakening meetings, medical exhibitions, various suitable specialized services ,etc.,

Meditex Hall 

To Western side of the Auditorium, the Meditex hall was built for dining purposes,  for small functions, meetings etc , during the Period of Dr L.P.Thangavelu ,President ,  Dr .P Sundararajan.,  Hony.Secretary and Dr.T.K.Ganesan  -Organisng chairman. All the three were instrumental  in Organizing the Meditex- the Tamilnadu State Medical Conference, 2001- and were in Meditex Organising Committee- . It was inaugurated on 05.05.2001 by Sri.L.K.Tripathy,I.A.S., Secretary, Health &Family Welfare ,in the presence of Hon. Justice  Sri.C.Nagappan,Judge, High court madras and Sri T.Pichandi, I.A.S , Secretary Highways Department ,Government of Taminadu.  Simultaneously the Airconditioning unit for the Auditorium was also dedicated  on the same day in the same function

the space between Meditex Hall and Auditorium is enclosed and roofed to  form a hall  on November 2013   and named as “ Western Lobbly”,  Contributed by Dr J. K.Periaswamy .

Hall RentRs.10,000/- + Amenities charges


Gymnasium Now Shifted to Old building where blood bank functioned.

Dr.K.Shanmugasundaram Fitness Centre
Inagurated on 23rd April, 2006, Sunday
By: Mr. Narain Karthikyean
During Dr.S.Radhakrsihnan, President, Dr.O.S.Kurinjinathan ,Hony.Secretary.

                                      FITNESS CENTRE EQUIPMENTS

1. Leg curl lat rowing                     Leg workout

                                                      wings workout

2. Seated leg press with                Leg workout
    weight system

3. Preacher curl                              Arm workout

4. Air Elliptical cycle                        Full Body movements

5. Motorised Tread Mill                   Walking & Running 
                                                       * Use safety key and remove safety key
                                                         from the machine after use.

6. Peck-Deck                                     Chest workout

7. Bench Press                                 Chest workout
                                                         Leg extension
                                                          Leg workout

8. Calf raise                                      Reducing calf muscles

9. Stepper                                        Leg workout (Reduce thigh muscles)

10.Ab-Exerciser                                Special abdominal equipment to
                                                          reduce the stomach

11. Lying bench press                      Lifting weights or Tumbles
                                                          in lying position

12. Abdominal board with stand      ABE reducing – reduce the stomach

13. Tummy vibrator                          Reduce the stomach


Guest House


A/C Rooms  Double  bedded 3 nos.
Cable TV, Hot water facility,
Power supply 24 hours.
Charges : Rs.1000/day – for IMA Members
Rs.1500/day  - for guests of IMA Coimbatore members.
*Terms and conditions apply

State IMA Branch and State with Address Contact Details
Tamilnadu IMA Coimbatore Branch,
92,  Syrian Church Road,
Phone: (O) 0422-2471824
e-mail: imacoimbatore@gmail.com

A/C Rooms Double bedded (3 No)
Cable TV, Hot water facility,
Power supply 24 hours
Rs.1000/day for IMA Members
Rs.1500/day for the guests of
IMA Coimbatore Members                                                                  

*Terms and conditions apply    

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