Ban Plastic

The manufacture, use and storage of non-biodegradable plastic items including plastic sheets, plastic plates, tea cups, water buckets, plastic straws, handbags, plastic coir made of plastic would banned from January 1, 2019 under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986. However, plastic covers being used for packaging milk, curd, oil and medicines will be exempted from this ban. 


The 10 slogans for avoiding plastic are as follow: 

1. Plastics are polluting our hand 

2. No plastic option is the fantastic option 

3. Stop bagging the planet by saying no to plastic 

4. Bring a change buy avoiding plastic 

5. Refuse using plastic bags 

6. Go green, use jute 

7. Kill plastic and the victory will be ours 

8. Plastic kills paper thrills 

9. Paper makes the world happy whereas plastic makes people happy 

10. Say no to lamination of our Earth

 Banned plastic items:
•    Cutlery items such as plastic Thermocol plates, plastic coated cups, and plates and plastic tea cups among other things.
•    Plastics sheets used for wrapping food, spreading on the dining table
•    Carry bags made out of plastic (all sizes) along with non-woven bags and plastic coated carry bags.
•    Pouches used to store drinking water.
•    Plastic flags
•    Plastic straws


List of banned plastic items:
Plastic sheet / cling film used for food wrapping 
 b. Plastic sheet used for spreading on dining table
Plastic Thermocol plates 
b. Plastic coated paper plates
Plastic coated paper cups  
b. Plastic tea cups   
c. Plastic tumbler   
d. Thermocol cups
Plastic carry bag of all sizes & thickness   
b. Plastic coated carry bags   
c. Non woven Bags
Water pouches / packets
Plastic straw
Plastic flags
Plastic Coated Carry bags
Non-Woven Bag

List of eco-friendly alternatives:
Plantain leaves, Areca nut plates
Aluminum foils
Paper rolls
Lotus leaves
Glass / metal tumblers,
Bamboo, Wooden Products
Paper straw
Cloth / Paper / Jute bags
Paper / Cloth flags
Ceramic wares
Edible Cutleries
Earthen Pots

From : Dr.M.Suryanarayanan 
(News from ONE India)